• 1982: Formally opens its doors as: Tornillos y Partes Totoche S.A. from C.V.
  • 1985: The first conventional (manual) equipment arrives at the Plant, which begins the development of this new company. As a result of the great work and management, the market was setting the mark for the acquisition of new equipment and the direction that the company was taking in order to devote itself to the manufacture of parts for production.
  • 1986: The first CNC equipment arrives to the plant. (CMV Cincinnati). In that same year, grinding equipment is also purchased, so this new process begins to be the engine to attract new projects.
  • 1987: “Totoche”, as it is known, changes its location to continue offering a great service of machining and grinding of parts. Its consolidation continues in an important way thanks to the long-term relationship of its customers.
  • 2005: Totoche obtains the ISO9001 certification
  • 2013: Totoche receives the Supplier Quality Excellence Process Certification (SQEP) Silver Level from our client CATERPILLAR..
  • 2014: Arrival of the first team to offer the Heat Treatment Service by Induction.
  • 2016: Totoche was selected to participate in the professionalization program of the “Endeavor” network.
  • 2016: Totoche maintains its SQEP Supplier Quality Excellence Process certification by our CATERPILLAR client.

We have vertical integration of our Machining, Grinding and Thermal Treatment processes.

Looking for the personal and professional development of our employees.

Deliver products that exceed the expectations of Quality of our Customers

Commitment to our clients by offering services according to their needs.

We maintain a temperature controlled process of grinding.

More than 20 years of experience in the processes of Rectification and Thermal Treatment.